Sunday, May 13, 2012

What We Learned from Four Hours of Skyping!

Wow, we really did skype with Rusty for over four hours today! But we had a lot of catching up to do and we learned lots of things about Denmark. Things like:
l. Deodorant isn't big in Denmark... in fact Elder Swenson cannot find deodorant/anti-perspirant brands like in the U.S.
2. Sounds like fashion is stuck in the '80's... or maybe they are ahead of us in a retro way.
3. Kids, especially boys, are wearing American sports paraphernalia... but it's older. Teams and logos like the Blazers, the Bulls, you name it, from about 20+ years ago.
4. Most households don't have dryers, and they hang their laundry up to dry. Even in the winter. Just inside (we hope.)
5. Most households don't have dishwashers. Well they do, but they are human.
6. Bathrooms are really basic, the plumbing is primitive, in that the hose from the shower drains into the one and only drain in the bathroom for everything else.
7. There are lots of really OLD castles in Denmark.
8. Lots of atheists in Denmark, but they are willing to listen to the message.
9. Kebabs are a big hit with all the missionaries, they are like huge burritos with lamb meat, creamy sauce, onions and lettuce.
10. AND, the number one thing that all Moms want their missionary sons to avoid in the summer—girls going topless! At the beach, at the park, or wherever the mood strikes them. Yikes!
Thanks to the Keyser family for letting him use their laptop for so long. And for feeding him! We also got to "meet" his companion, virtually that is. Elder Stoffey seems like a lot of fun. He walked into the room with these crazy Elton John sunglasses on. It made me laugh. It was an awesome day!!! Best Mother's Day ever, and Best Mother's Day gift!!

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