Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An awesome email from a ward member in Denmark

I received this email on Sunday, three days ago:

Dear all,

So tonight your sons came to our house for dinner. What a delight for us. Some of you have received a mail from me before,so you know the drill. I am a missionary mom myself, and I am so hoping right now that someone else fed my son tonight. So won't you please pay it forward, so we can keep the chain going. My husband Henrik and I love having the missionaries for dinner. They are always great company and they eat anything we serve happily. Our son, Chris is serving his mission in the Portugal Lisbon mission, and at this moment he has almost been out for 6 months. The time has literally flown by, and before we know he will be back home with us.

His girlfriend Lisa, is living with us, and is currently waiting to go on her mission to England, Leeds. So we get to do this whole thing with missionary farewell and the airport drop off again soon. We are looking forward to soon getting her great letters from England.

Your children are all making such a difference here in the Copenhagen area. Some of them are quite new to Copenhagen, so we don't know the all that well yet. But this mail I will just have to tell you about Elder Swendson, who plays the piano outstandingly. For our stake conference last weekend he accompanied the stake choir. The normal director was sick and in the hospital, and in the last minute I was asked to lead the choir. As it turned out no material had been selected, and the choir had to give a 30 minute concert prior to the main Sunday session. We quite literally had no one in the stake who on such short notice could play the material I had selected. So elder Swendson to the rescue. He did an outstanding job, and he will probably be scared of me for life. But given the chance he will probably play for me again. Anyway... great job there mama Swendson. I am a piano teacher, who suffered greatly in order to make piano players out of my two sons. I sort of succeeded, but no to the degree you did. My son Chris who is in Portugal is a great musician, but he plays the base, and the guitar, and the sax... and some piano. I will write you again when I have gotten to know the other elders a little better. They all looked well, and summer is coming so they are no longer cold.

Thanks for sharing your kids, and have a great rest of the Sunday.

Susanne Bryde

Proud missionary mom (And Henrik my husband who wants to make sure that you know he cooked some of the dinner:)

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