Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Baptism!

We're so excited, that's two baptisms in the last little while! Elder Swenson looks like a giant in this photo haha. Only 10 1/2 short weeks until he returns home.

Here's a bit from his last letters:

Sept. 23:
So, A.s baptism went as planned this last Saturday, was a super good program.  Elder Pitts had the honors of dunking her, and when we were talking to her a little later, it sounded like there was a possibility of her son coming to church with her!  So, we've been crazy busy in the area, finally have been able to get a hold of some people and teach them!  One that we're really excited about is S., who is the girl that referred herself online a couple weeks ago.  We finally came by and caught her home.  It turns out that she's one of the friends of a girl who just left on her mission a few weeks ago.  She came to her farewell, and apparently liked being there.  She wanted her own Book of Mormon and invited us back this Wednesday to teach her!  We're going to be there with the missionary girl's Father, so it should be a perfect set up!  And, we finally have gotten a hold of P. again!  We called him yesterday, and it sounded like he's been reading and wants us over.   We're going to bring up Baptism this week when we visit the T. family.  As far as we know, one of their daughters is old enough to be baptized, but isn't yet.  They have actually been in church the past two weeks, which has been great to see.  On top of that, we were happy to see M. make it to church.  The family situation is still pretty rough, but we're glad his Grandma is so strong in the faith.  He came along with her.  Yesterday turned into a pretty cool day after church.  We had time to head down to Kolding and stop by some past investigators.  The first one was a lady from Vietnam who had the missionaries over a year ago.  The husband,T., answered this time, who was actually just visiting from Vietnam for the next two weeks, but as soon as he heard who we were, said "Come in!"  He let us in and we pulled up the Vietnamese church material up on the internet and taught him the first lesson as best as we could.  He spoke super broken English, but he loved everything we told him.  Now he wants a Vietnamese and English Book of Mormon, and wants us back tomorrow to teach again!  So that was exciting and totally unexpected.  His wife wasn't even there for that lesson, so we're excited to get the chance to talk to her, too.  After that, we swung by A. on the way home to stop by a media referral who we gave a book to a couple weeks ago.  When we went by that time, it was the handyman who answered the door, so we gave the book to him and he agreed to give it to D., who ordered it.  Yesterday, D.'s parents answered and they were interested too! It turns out D. is a college student in Århus, but would really like missionaries there to come see him.  The Mother took a book after we talked a little with her and said we could come by "anytime!" 

Sept. 30:
Big things happening!  I'll be hopping on a train to Copenhagen Wednesday night to pick up my 2nd greenie :) Really excited for the opportunity to train again.  I don't think there's a better way to end a mission more focused and working harder.  So, we had the chance to teach T. all of 3 times in the space of 4 days before he headed back to Vietnam!  At the last appointment, he accepted a Baptismal invitation, and said that if he gets an answer to his prayer he will be baptized!  Unfortunately, there isn't any church presence in Vietnam yet, but we're hoping to come back to teach his wife who wasn't able to make it to any of our 3 lessons because of work.  T.'s goal is to move back to Denmark in a year or two.  We had a couple of other good appointments this last week.  We met with the T. family again and taught the parents and the kids the first part of the Restoration lesson, as we've started from the beginning in giving them the missionary lessons.  After the lesson, the topic of Baptism got brought up, and R., the girl who isn't baptized said "I want to be baptized!"  Haha, we were happy to hear her enthusiasm with it, and it may have even caught the parents a little off guard.  Unfortunately, we were a little pressed for time, but will definitely be bringing that up again at our next visit this week and maybe even set up a date for it!  Yesterday, before heading to an eating appointment with the B. family (awesome people!) we decided we'd stop by a referral given to us by a member from Herning, to stop by his ex-wife and son who are both less-active in Fredericia.  We decided to give it a shot, and they were both happy to see us!  In fact, E. (the wife) said that she really would like to have us come back.  She has really missed the church in her life and sounds like she's been less-active for about 5 years. 

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