Sunday, May 12, 2013

Skyping for Mother's Day!

We love skyping! We were able to talk for four hours today. Rusty and his companion, Elder Hansen, both had a computer to skype from and didn't have to share. That meant more time for us! The best news Rusty told us today is that A. has set a baptism date for June 29th! So excited for this man to be baptized. He read the B of M almost entirely the week before conference, and while watching conference, he came to know for himself that President Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet.

Only ten more days in the area, and then Rusty is being transferred to a new zone with a new companion, it will be Elder Singleton from Richfield, Utah. This will be his first car area. He's used to riding the subway and the buses around. Rusty read several verses from the Book of Mormon in Danish. What a language! I have all the respect in the world for Rusty learning it so well. Sometimes it makes us giggle though; one sentence in particular sounds like someone is clearing their throat and getting ready to throw up!

We heard about lots of the castles in Denmark, especially the Frederiksborg Castle—my favorite!!
He reminded us we can trace our roots back to Danish royalty, possibly including King Harald Bluetooth, who's name inspired the modern day mobile phone communication with computers. And apparently our ancestors lived in some of those castles -- cool! Makes me want to work on our family tree a bit more. He showed us a few places where Hans Christian Andersen lived, too. Danish teens apparently like American culture. They wear chino pants and retro NBA hats among other things.

We showed him how tall his little bro is getting, and that he's ready to school him in basketball when he gets home! We're so happy he is doing so well! We love him tons!

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