Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loving the Food... and Other Important Things

We have lots of gorgeous pictures of Denmark that Rusty sends home. We also have lots of funny pictures involving FOOD, glorious food. Except for one hamburger that looked gross, maybe some pickled beets on it or something?? Yuck. But the 2 lb. burger looked delish... and some of those pastries... mmmm.

Things are going well in Denmark! Lots of things happening with young people. We continue to pray for those that are investigating or looking for the truth. Here are some excerpts from recent letters:

Wow, it's been a great week here.  Lots going on—first, C. is totally holding his baptism date, and if anything it will be moved SOONER. He came to church yesterday and we  found out that some other members in the ward, D. and E. are from Nigeria, and know C.  When we found that out, it was pretty exciting. I think the fact that they're both from Nigeria and friends already could be perfect in helping him follow through with this Baptism.  But, the date is still set for October 20th, we're within 4 weeks now!

That same day we were knocking and met a woman from South America who had been taught by missionaries 4 years back but moved and lost contact. She has a book and wants us to come back!  We'll be stopping by with a member tomorrow night.  Another thing that was awesome was our lesson with a kid named J.  We met him knocking a couple weeks ago and gave him a book.  He's about 20, has lip rings and listens to metal music.  Wouldn't think he's be the most receptive to missionaries, until we got to know him.  He said he had been through a depression and ended up praying to God one time.  He said he got a strong prompting to investigate the different Christian sects until he found the right one.  We were way stoked to hear that, and showed him the Joseph Smith video.  I think he has a lot of potential, the spirit was definitely at that lesson.  He's going to read and pray, and we have him coming to the youth center tonight with us on top of that! His friend named Martin was actually there randomly for that lesson and sat in for it.  He gained interest as it went on and took a book after the lesson.  We got his number too.  This week was also the record week for books for me personally.  We gave out 7 books this week, which was amazing because we had tons of appointments at the same time.  

Lots of new things happening here, set a baptismal date, and we have two new part member families that we'll be teaching!  First, the Baptismal date!  His name is C. and he's a 28-ish year old man from Nigeria.  He majored in Accounting before coming here to get a master's degree and to work.  He's always been a christian, and e got into a conversation with a Jehovah's witness a couple weeks ago and he actually pulled the Book of Mormon out and asked them, "What makes you think that God wouldn't give us more scripture?"  We were pretty amazed he did that, at the time we had only been teaching him for a week.  We gave him a tour of the church building this last Saturday and sat down in the Baptismal room and taught the Plan of Salvation.  At the end, we just told him how we can follow Christ's example by being baptized and invited him to do it the 20th of October.

We've also started teaching two part member families.  The first is that American woman that has just married a less active member.  We have an appointment for this Thursday!  The other is a less active Mother that has a 15 year old son who isn't baptized.  She would like us to come and teach all of them. 

We were actually area of the week this week, had lots going on, 4 new investigators!  We just started this big complex that is designed for younger people in the college age group in Albertslund.  We've only knocked maybe 2 or 3 buildings so far, but have given out 4 books and have one of the people we met there coming to CUV tonight!  Way excited for that, CUV is a youth center in Copenhagen that we can invite our young investigators to to meet other members in the church and to just hang out a little.  I think for younger investigators, it's just the perfect set up.  They can come and meet tons of people in the church, make friends, and hopefully want to come to church after that.

The companionship is going great, Elder V. is just an awesome stud.  Super easy to be his trainer, he's up on time, cleans up, studies hard and works hard.  On top of that, he's a cool dude.  No complaints, I'm just loving life right now.  Something interesting, just in the 3 weeks of this transfer, I've notice the success going up in general.  The young people want to talk to us, people take books and we have people coming to CUV.  Not sure, be he might have the magic presence or something.  Still set on getting at least one baptism before I get out of this first area, and it's looking very possible now.  I think it would just be awesome to bring some new young people in the church.  Honestly, I think the majority of the church growth here will be with the youth.  They're actually talking alot in the papers here about a religious excitement that's underway with the younger people.  I've noticed it, surprising amounts of the youngsters are at least interested in having a religious chat.  On top of that, they actually want to learn. 

The gross one...

The good one!

Goofy guys

Chowing down

Rusty's companion from Riverton, Elder V.

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