Friday, July 20, 2012

A Miracle Story

Elder Swenson wrote home about an awesome Miracle Story he had this month:

"We had our first "Miracle Story" in the companionship. It was really cool stuff. We had planned to bus over to an area named Grantofte, and were sitting waiting at the station for the bus to come. As we were waiting I noticed a random bus show up, number 143 heading to Albertslund. There's an area in that direction that we had recently started knocking as well named Topperne.  A random thought came to my mind to just head in that direction instead.  So we drove over there and got to the apartment complex.  As we got there, we weren't sure to start over from the beginning or continue from the last time.  We had knocked a couple buildings a few days prior without a knocking book, so there were some doors that had been skipped.  We finally decided to start over.  The first door knocked was a woman in her 40´s who immediately invited us in.  We came in the living room to find 4 other people already there seated.  We taught the entire family the first lesson and I had never seen a more positive and more interested group of people my entire mission.  As we got to know them in the conversation, I found that they had just moved from Sweden a year ago so that the whole family could live together.  They area all Christian in beliefs, but not sure on what church to join.  

Something very cool is that the mother had been thinking and praying about which church the family should join just before we knocked on her door.  Hard for me to believe that we weren't guided to her door that day.  We gave everyone in the family a book of mormon and they all were excited to read.  We met with them two days later (Last Friday) and watched the Restoration with them.  Unfortunately, the parents were gone that time so we didn't have everyone together, but they were able to see it later.  We have another appointment with the whole family set for Wednesday.  Very excited for them!  They didn't make it church yesterday, but already want to come next week.  I'll keep you posted with them.  I think we'll invite them to Baptism on Wednesday if all goes well.  Another awesome thing is that we gave out 9 books this week and almost 10.  The tenth is a Pakistani man that we'll stop by to give an English copy to.  He said he would be interested though.  It's exciting to see new people coming into our Investigator list, I know that's the way to Baptisms, so we're working on finding them!  The companionship has been a blast, I think we're almost too good of buds."

His miracle story was featured in the monthly mission newsletter.... Awesome stuff!!!

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